December 1, 2012

First received in Winter Exchange

--- edited by Nia --- I deleted a few lines on this post, any question, feel free to email me!

Now my package is on its way to destination. And according to number of parcels sent by other girls and impatience concerns what everyone gets and from whom.

I will now announce my receiving.

I was the FIRST lucky from that 5/22. Anne has completely surprised me with a quick and awfully nice Christmas gift! Anne, THANK YOU! 

Olga (Olli)


cucki said...

Pretty goodies xxx

Stitching Noni said...

Lovely package from Anne. Such a cute design :)

Anne said...

Happy you're happy!! :)

Angel said...

I can imagine your very happy with this nice package!

Good work Anne!!

Valma said...

super cute Xmas cat Anne made for you =)
And all the goodies are very great too
It's funny, Anne's parcel arrived first, and she was the 2nd to receive her exchange =)
haaaa I love those exchanges =D
big hugs

lentochka said...

Оля, поздравляю! Всё очень праздничное и интересное!)