December 23, 2012

winter exchange!!

Hi everyone!! I'm trying to keep up and catch with everyone!
Here is an update on our exchange:

Exchange Parcels Sent: 20/22
Some bad news... Brenda is sick, she wrote to me a few weeks ago, even having her treatment she wanted to keep her commitment to her partner and send her exchange. Unfortunatelly, even having the best intention, she wasn't able to do it yet. I think we can all understand than when health fails, it's a good reason to forgive on our exchange and she will continue to be free to join any other time! I just hope she will get well, recover soon and feel better again to stitch with us :)
I volunteered to send an exchange parcel on Brenda's behalf but, since we're already so close to Christmas, I can only do it at the beginning of January but I will do it! Tracey was her partner, she will have to wait a little longer...

Coincidentally, Tracey is the second person who has not posted her parcel yet (or at least she hasn't told me anything so far). Last reply I got from Tracey, she had a new job, was a bit behind but working on her exchange.. I've written 2 or 3 times more but no reply yet.. waiting for news..
Gislene should receive Tracey's parcel in Brazil... I'm afraid that won't happen soon =(

This means: Brenda Nia » Tracey » Gislene
If I don't get any answer from Tracey... I think I will jump one and instead of sending a parcel to Tracey (in Brenda's behalf) I will send to Gislene.
Do you all agree with me?

Exchange Parcels Received: 14/22
Amber, Denise, Camille, Angel, Eleana, Brenda, Verónica, Joey, Valérie, Anne, Olli, Cucki, Francesca and Rita, all received their exchange gifts :D
Am I missing anyone??

So, waiting to receive: Lentochka, Judith, Olimpia, Noni, Svetlana, Tracey, Gislene and Nia (me).

No photos
Eleana, Judith and Olimpia didn't send me any photos from their parcels... I'm still waiting for your photos ladies, that was one of the rules, remember? Tomorrow it's posting day!! :p

Recent authors
Camille and Lentochka are both starting as new authors here on the blog. If you are wondering about theirs posts, just wait a little bit so they can see how blogger works and publish their own posts ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!
During this holiday season, please, send an email no and I'll try to reply fast ;) I'll be back on Monday for the BIG update :D
Happy holidays girls!!


Viver por Amor said...

I am agree with your decision!

And very curiose to see all the pictures tomorow!!!

Anne said...

I also am in agreement with you, to send to Gislene this exchange. Then possibly the other two can exchange to each other.

Stitching Noni said...

Totally agree with your suggestion to send to Gislene.... please let me know if you need any pixie parcels to be sent ;o)

I have also now received my package from Francesca... wait til you see what I got... oh my goodness :o)

Stitching Noni said...

Sorry... meant to also say that I am so sorry to hear that Brenda has not been well... hope that everything goes well and that you are soon back on the road to recovery!

♥ Nia said...

thank you for your feedback ladies :)

Angel said...

I also agree with you Nia.

Brenda, i hope everything goes well for you...a big hug.

Valma said...

let me know too if you need a pixie =)
I can't wait to see everything hehehehe
So sorry to learn one of our fellow is ill =(
I sincerely hope Brenda will soon be on the recovery road <3
Merry Christmas to you all my sweet friends from all the world

Anne said...

I can be a pixie too, if you need another! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you Nia for putting this wonderful exchange together! :) Hope Brenda is feeling better soon as well! :)