November 28, 2012

Winter exchange - deadline alert!!

Hi ladies!!
I want to call you attention to our deadline, all parcels should be posted until the end of November, please, do you best and try to post soon ;)

Until today:
Exchange Parcels Sent: 14/22
Exchange Parcels Received: 5/22

I've been receiving emails telling me about parcels that have arrived, I hope everyone is writing to their partners :) so, I'm not posting names here, I think it's nice if everyone writes to their friend saying 'thank you' first =) But don't forget to post here too, share it with all of us :D

I must say it has been very gratifying to receive your emails, makes me so happy to know that you're having fun!! Thank you all for making this awesome exchange :D


Annette said...

Your doing such a good job Nia!!!
Keep up with it!!
I hope the last 8 well be send in 2 days!!!

cucki said... doing a super job..
well done
hugs xxx

Valma said...

5 received and we haven't seen anything yet ?? =)
you make the suspense terrible girls =)
OK I know...I should show mine first before speaking hehehehe
hope everything will be OK for the 8 remaining to be sent...

Stitching Noni said...

Oh can't wait to see everyone's exchange gifts :o)
I sent mine last week so hopefully it will arrive at its destination soon!
Thank you Nia for organising another great exchange - these are so much fun for us all and I appreciate your hard work in organising them and keeping everything on track. :o)
Hugs xx