December 28, 2012

Sal#3 ... and #4?

Oh my! We are a few days away to end 2012!!!
What about our SAL #3? Where are all your cool cats? :p

I've finished mine! So did Valérie and Mónica :)
Who else is still stitching? Hope you haven't abandoned your kittens, they would feel so sad!!! Come on, go get your needles ;)

I'm not sure what to do for 2013.. should we make another SAL?
Please, share your opinion, if someone would like to do it, we will do it! :)


Stitching Noni said...

Yes please more SAL's :)
SAL 3 - I have stitched autumn, winter, spring and will start summer in the next few days. My plan is to finish that one by the end of next week!
I also nearly finished SAL 2 - just doing the last of the back stitch on Santa.
Would love to do something again next year :)

Musicwoman said...

I have done alle 4 cats now. I will show you photos I thin 3rd or 4th of january.After 7 weeks beeing in hospital my daughter stayed at us at th seasons. She must return to hospital für another 4 weeks.This was an very emotiinal time for me and that
s why I write so late.
Hoping that you all had a nice season time and that 2013 will be a good year for you and a better one for our family.
Till then
Love to you all

Annette said...

I´m done with my Sal.. the snowman and Santa!!
I wanne do a new SAL in 2013

Nastenka said...

I will complete SAL#3 (at least I hope to) by the middle of January. And yes, I want another SAL for 2013:)

Rita said...

Oh...i didn't do the 3 cats yet..:( I'm sorry..but i will not start any new project before i end up this SAL and the other one too, that's missing Santa...i hope:P I'm sorry the delay:(


Fara Azmi said...

hi... am starting stiching my last cat..winter.

been busy with school for new arrangements and sorts..

will update once i finished it..

and SAL for 2013 pls..


LittleStar07 said...

i'm still doing my 1st cat.... i'm sorry that i'm join late and also slow process... I will try my best to finish my first cat.

Anne said...

Would love to do a SAL for 2013! Sounds like fun! :)