December 26, 2012

Winter exchange flashback

How was everyone's Christmas??? :)
I had this post ready since last week and shedule to publish on Monday 24th but something didn't work =/ Sorry ladies!!

One last note about our exchange, on Monday I finally got an email from Tracey who told me she had posted her exchange parcel to Gislene. It will arrive late but it's on the way! So, this means I will make one parcel in behalf of Brenda to Tracey and waiting to receive is Gislene, Lentochka, Judith, Svetlana and Nia (me).

Without further ado, here are all the photos from our exchange!! :)
Ladies, please, send me the missing photos by email ;)

Amber to Denise

Denise to Svetlana

Svetlana to Camille

Camille to Lentochka

Lentochka to Angele

Angele to Eleana

Eleana to Judith

Judith to Brenda

Brenda to Tracey
--- delayed due to health issues ---

Tracey to Gislene
(didn't send photo)

Gislene to Nia

Nia to Verónica

Verónica to Joey

Joey to Olimpia

Olimpia to Valérie

Valérie to Anne

Anne to Olli

Olli to Cucki

Cucki to Francesca

Francesca to Noni

Noni to Rita

Rita to Amber

I hope everyone had fun and all your gifts made you smile =)
Thank you all for joining!!! :D


Astrid's dragon said...

Wow, they all look amazing! How inspiring, I think I need to get busy.

Valma said...

Amazing exchanges as usual !!!
Everybody did such great things and everything is so filled with love and friendship ...
Sure it was fun, a delight =D
Thank you Nia, thank you Olimpia (hehehehe =D) and thank you ladies to have joined the fun
can't wait to see how 2013 will surprise us =D
Big hugs from France

Stitching Noni said...

Totally blown away by this exchange!! Absolutely amazing. It was great fun to take part again.
I would like to say thank you to Nia for organising such a great exchange and for keeping everyone on track! And I also send a special thank you to Francesca for sending me such a amazing exchange package. :)
And one final thank you to everyone who took part in the exchange - cant wait to see the final pics and fingers crossed the last of the packages arrive safely very soon :)
The friendship that we have all found via this blog is wonderful and I look forward to continuing my friendship with you all next year and beyond :)
All the best for 2013
Hugs xx

LittleStar07 said...

That's very enjoy and happy to view all the gifts!!

Thanks Nia, thanks everyone who put the effort to support this activity~

All the best for 2013!

Annette said...

wonderfull how you did that.. love it!!!!

Anne said...

I can feel the love as I look at all the exchanges sent with the beautiful stitching done! How wonderful to spread love in such a way. Happy New Year everyone! Let's keep spreading love even if it's just words!! Happy Stitching!! :)

Angel said...

Wow, such wonderful packages!!
We all did well lady's....hihi!!
I hope the last packages will also arrive at their destination!!

Rita said...

Great, beautiful things we all did!! Fantatsic exchange :)
Thanks Nia, again, for this great organization and the opportuniy to meet new friends :)
I hope 2013 will bring more great exchanges :)


lentochka said...

Very beautiful gallery! Thank you for a wonderful and interesting exchange! Congratulations to all the gifts!))