December 5, 2012

winter exchange - 20 days until xmas! :D

Hi ladies!!
Just to let you know how things are going on our Winter Exchange:

Exchange Parcels Sent: 20/22
Exchange Parcels Received: 6/22

Only two friends missing to post but both have written to me, it's not forgotten, just life getting in the way =/ But everyone is doing their best, let's just cross our fingers and hope all gifts will arrive in time for Santa! :p

Six parcels delivered! We all want to see these gifts!! hehehe Come on girls, start posting your photos here :D If it was delivered, you can start posting and telling us everything!!! ;) ehehehhe


Valma said...

time passes by tooooooooo quickly !
can't wait to see everything
there's a new train of friendship leaving in a few days for to buy my ticket already =D
Hugs from France

Stitching Noni said...

Can't wait to see the reveals. Good to see such a great response with this exchange. Thank you Nia for organizing another fantastic exchange. :) xx