December 28, 2012

more Winter Exchange! :)

Hi ladies!!
Today I received a surprise, my exchange parcel from Gislene just arrived to welcome me home :) I'm back from my Christmas holidays with family, I had no idea I would get such a delightful package on my hands today =) Not one but four stitched ornaments :D Who was the lucky girl? Who??? :D LOL

I wrote to Gislene to say how happy and thankful I am =)
Have you all written back to your exchange partners? I hope so ;)

Also a sweet thanks to everyone who comment on our flashback post, you are all sweethearts =) You girls make me smile, big time!!! :D

I edited that same post with more photos, only 2 missing now, from Eleana and Tracey's parcels. One of the rules was to send one photo by email but not everyone did it... I wrote today asking for photos, now waiting for reply.

For Tracey, I think there's no need to make Pixie Parcels, it wasn't a fail. Brenda did contact me saying her health was not ok and right on that moment I volunteered to send a parcel on her behalf. When this situation happens, if someone gets sick, please, contact me. I don't consider that failing on our exchange, life happens and we can all understand it. I only ask for you to write, take 2 minutes to write an email if you get delayed by any reason. Not saying anything and not replying to emails, that's bad. Not being able to make your exchange because you have a good reason, that's acceptable, this is just for fun. A commitment we make with our friends it's true, but it's a hobby, it's for fun :) Does everyone agree with me?

So, waiting to receive their parcels are Tracey, Gislene and Judith. Fingers crossed that everything will be delivered in the first days of January and soon we will close our Winter Exchange :)



Stitching Noni said...

Lovely exchange from Gislene :)
How wonderful to have such a gorgeous package waiting for you when you got back home :). The penguins are lovely and all those buttons and stuff - just lovely!
Absolutely agree - we should let you know what is happening with our progress on exchanges - to not say anything is not good. I know that we often make a commitment and things change and then we can't do things like we wanted to but we should always try our best to let someone know what is happening :). Life has a habit of occasionally throwing us a curve ball....
Exchanges are such fun & we want everyone to be happy :)

Angel said...

Noni i totally agree with you.

Hope everything goes well with the last packages...keep my fingers crossed.

And Nia you are such a lucky girl to get such wonderful ornaments from Gislene!
Good job Gislene!
Soooo pretty!

hugs Angele

Francesca Violetta said...

I absolutely agree with you, Nia and Noni! We all well understand that life can change in a moment but inform you about problems it's a matter of respect of the other girls who arrange and joined the exchange!
Nia, the penguins you received are wonderful!! Congrats to Gislene who stitched them!
hugs and smiles

Rita said...

Oh great gifts from Gislene!! Beautiful:)

I totally agree with you, Nia:)

Valma said...

Awwwwwww what a lovely exchange !
Gislene spoiled you too ! =)
very beautiful penguins on very beautiful ornaments
very great and so well done!
bravo =D
big hugs