December 18, 2012

Winter Exchange - Olimpia to Valma

Hi girls,

It's my turn to show you the extraordinary piece I received from Olimpia who was my secret partner in this exchange =D
Olimpia over spoiled me !!!
It's so big, so cute, so well done =D
I'm totally in love with this cute cat that she put on a book note cover (sewed by herself too)
This book will be my Xmas memories book for years =)
I'm going to treasure this for sure, and I already started writing in it !
Once upon a time, there was a parcel that arrived from Mexico....... =D

Thank you so much Olimpia for this wonderful piece you made for me and for all the goodies you added to it
More here ....
Big big hugs from France
And Merry Christmas to you all 


cucki said...

Wow everything is so sweet..I love the worry doll so much
Hugs x

Stitching Noni said...

This is just so lovely & a great idea! :)
Great design that Olimpia chose to stitch. Love the little worry dolls :)

♥ Nia said...

Lovely stitching!!! =) I know that cat very well hehehe I stitched the same little guy last year, my exchange for Noni, here on the group too =) Adorable finish!
Congrats to both :D

Angel said...

Really cute cat!!!

Anne said...

Love the stitching and your Christmas treats! :)

Olimpia said...

Hi sweet,

I love the idea you started to write this book.
Thanks for being so grateful, mail that I received from you very excited, especially knowing that what I thought would be a good gift you liked so much.

I send kisses and hugs.

Nia, thanks for organizing this exchange.