December 27, 2012

from Canada with love....

I too received gifts! Look at what remarkable mouse I embroidered for me Denise! As it is healthy: both expectation of a surprise and receiving gift! The mouse brought with itself a set of treasures, thanks a lot of Denise.
 Long ago I dreamed of threads to embroider for the son and Denise guessed my desire. Many thanks for gifts!
Thanks a lot of Nia for the exchange organization. It is so responsible and disturbing.


Stitching Noni said...

Oh that mouse is so cute. Lovely exchange gift ;)

Annette said...


Valma said...

cute, cute ,cute =D
love that mouse
Denise did a great ornament

♥ Nia said...

Wait.. am I disturbing?.. I hope not! :p LOL I hope that was meant as something in the good way! hahaha

Lovely exchange :) Glad to know you were happy with your gifts!! :D

Angel said...

Maybe it is disturbing that we are all cross stitch crazy people! ;-)
Haha, no i am just kidding...i am sure it was meant in a good way!

And a very cute mouse too!

hugs Angele

Valma said...

sure it means that such exchanges give you lot's of work =)
lot's of responsibilities and disturbances to you =D