December 7, 2012

A gift from the other side of the world

I came from a distant land parcel, with many details left me speechless decals Margaret Sherry were my favorite, because in my country it embroidery artists are very few known.

Angèle took the time to make a nice trinket for a delicate tree and Santa card I learned to do last year.
All are local souvenirs Netherland, and that makes them very special.

Thanks Angéle,

Now we just have to wait my package to arrive in time for the holidays. 
Mail from my country is still walking and bird flight, so patience because tenedme is headed.


cucki said...

So beautiful xxx

Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous exchange gift. Love the ornament :)

Anne said...

Very wonderful gifts! Cute mouse too!! :)

Annette said...


Angel said...

Yeah, it really made my day to see that my exchange has arrived!!

I'm happy to read that you are happy with everthing!

hugs Angele

Valma said...

S-U-P-E-R-B !!
everything is so lovely
The mouse is too cute framed this way
I can understand how happy you are :)
here we don't find MS things either :(
very great exchange
big hugs from France

Angel said...

Thank you girls for the kind words.

I know the problem, it's unfortunately also hard to get MS things in the Netherlands.
I'm always searching on ebay or marktplaats (dutch).
Wish it would be easier to get these cute items!

hugs Angele

Rita said...

Great gifts! beautiful:)