February 1, 2011

SAL #1

We are officially starting our SAL today! :D

On the sidebar you can see who's stitching and if you're not in yet, there's still time ;) Join us, read this post and leave a message!

Do you have your needles ready? :)
I'll start with cat number #6, the one with the Jell-O, last cat on the pictures from the original post. I'm not starting today, probably during the weekend.

I hope to see lots of pictures here, don't be shy! Write, share some pictures, show us your wip ;)
Whenever you post something about our SAL, please, add the label 'SAL'. Thank you :)

Main rule::::: Have fun! :D


Joanita said...

I will start with cat 6 too! =)


Ponto Cruz e Companhia said...

Hi. I'm going to start with the first cat. Please visit my blog http://pontocruzecompanhia25.blogspot.com because I've got there a stamp to our blog. I don't Know if I could put it here.

Annette said...

Good luck.. can't wait to see your pictures!!!

Dinny Ristinia said...

I've had my needle ready.
I'll start with the one reading the recipe book...
Good luck all!!!