January 21, 2011

Who's up for a SAL?


SAL means "stitch-a-long", a group of stitchers working on the same pattern at the same time and sharing their progress with each other :)


Not everyone can buy cross stitch kits so I thought we could pick some chart from the Cross Stitcher magazine. Joanita suggested the cooking cats from issue 222, they're cute and can be applied in kitchen towels, apron, recipe book, postcards, frame,... just use your imagination ;)



We could make this two ways:

A) stitch all six cats, one per month, from February to July. We stitch the same cat on the same month. During this time we post photos from our wips and our finished stitching (just the stitching). To close, in August, we will all post our finished pieces and see our everyone did :)

B) stitch only three from the six cats, each one would pick their favorites. Equally, stitch one per month from February to April, posting here which one we are stitching and showing our progress. To close, the same thing, we will all post our finished pieces in May.

Which way do you prefer? Let's vote! :)
It's open to everyone!!! Even if you're not an author on the blog, you can join us ;)


Atelier Caseiro said...

I'm in! I like both suggestions, but we must choose, then line up at B, because my list of graphics for embroidery is already quite extensive. * Ü * Ana

Светик said...

About, excellent idea! I choose variant B.

♥ Nia said...

2 votes for B! Thank you ladies :)
I go either way, whatever you all choose ;)
Let's wait for more during the weekend!

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Nia, I would love to take part on this - all the designs are so cute abd I would be happy stitching all 6, but given we already have 2 votes for "B" I will also go for "B".


Gislene Ellery said...

I think i`ll be in the next one... I have a lot of wips, ufos and two SALs to do next months... But i think it is a great ideia! Congratulations Nia!

Dinny Ristinia said...

I love all designs, but considering my WIPs and To Dos, I vote for B.. :)

Joanita said...

I want to be part of it, course! =)

Vote B


Astrid's dragon said...

I've never done this before, but it sounds fun! As long as I can get the charts, I'm up for "B".

Lucie said...

I loved this SAL...but I haven't many time for stitch during my classes...nevertheless I'll see your progress! Good work for everyone!:)I discovered this beautiful blog by Joana (Pontos Fishinhos)and I'll follow!

@lilibollero said...

I would like to go on it! Beautiful cats!!!
hugs hugs

Artemania said...

I would like to participate. The cats are great. I read about it i Pontos fishinhos.I would like to do all 6 cats

Rafa said...

I am very willing to participate lol
I'm just afraid of not getting in a month, as you said ...
But hands are itching to align!

Ai ai cruel doubt! hehehehe



Rosário said...

I Would like to participate, and i would like to do all 6 cats, i'm just afraid of of the time of 1 month


NatQuebec said...

I would like to join you in this SAL if I still can ;-)
thank you

♥ Nia said...

NatQuebec, yes you can! The more, the merrier ;)
Send me your email please :)

Susana said...

Hi everyone, my name is Susana and i´m from portugal, can i still join you? thank you aquario_22@hotmail.com

Raquel said...

Hello , my name is Raquel, can i join? raquelsantos501@gmail.com; tks

socialsue said...

would love to join this SAL. Thank you! socialsue


Gostaria de partcipar...Como eu faço?