February 28, 2011

First cat started.... but not finished

Hi everyone!  Wow, there are some lovely MS cats out there for February!

I have started my first cat.... on the last weekend of the month... I am not normally slow at starting these things but February has been an extremely short month for some reason....  I have also been very busy trying to finish off something for a charity here in Australia (Quilts 4 Kids) - see my blog for details on what I have been stitching throughout February.

So anyway, on Saturday morning I went off to Spotlight (local craft shop) and bought my Aida and the missing colours that I needed.  Must be the "Stitchers Law" that no matter how many colours I have I never seem to have the right colour for the design that I am about to start stitching!  I did manage to get a couple of hours stitching in on Saturday afternoon and another couple of hours on Sunday afternoon - but unfortunately not as much as I would have liked.  Never mind!  I will get my sweet little cat finished in time to make a start on March's before the end of the March!!!

As you can see from the picture below, Oscar Bear decided that he had to be in on the action.  Felix was also there but decided to be camera shy at the precise time the flash went off.....

MS SAL - February cat (cat with recipe book)
Look forward to seeing more of what everyone has stitched for February

Til then, happy stitching

Stitching Noni


Marta said...


I am sure that your cat will be beautiful. And your Oscar Bear is a delight!

Strength on the needles!


Valma said...

Oscar Bear is watching how to do to help you :-)
your cat will be soon finished and will be cute

Astrid's dragon said...

They do like to "help" don't they?! I have my "helpers" too, chasing the floss!

Annette said...

great start!!