February 7, 2011

New fan :-)

Hello everybody,

I'm a new fan of Margaret Sherry Lovers :-)
I'm from France and my name is Valérie.
My blog is not ready yet but even so, here is a picture of one of the mice I made.
Originally the baloon was blue, but I changed it in green, in regard with the colour of the room in which I hanged it :-) 


I'll post another picture of another mice called Daffodil.
I'm found of these mice, and thanks to Nia I started this week-end the Sailing Mice
I'll post you pictures of my work :-)

I'm very pleased to meet you 



Macena said...

Hi Valérie !
Glad то meet you !
So cute mouse !!! I very like it ♥
Have a nice week !!!

Gislene Ellery said...

Welcome Valérie!
Really cute your mouse! Congratulations!

Светик said...

Hello' Valerie!
I'm very pleased to meet you too.
Cute mouse!

Mary Joan said...

Hi and Welcome Valerie

I remember the name for this one is "Party Animal". He is a very cute mouse. Well done.

Joanita said...

Welcome Valerie!

Cute mouse!

Simone Arrais said...

Welcome, Valérie! Your work is so beautiful...I love both pieces. Hugs!

Dinny Ristinia said...

Hi Valerie! Nice to meet you too..
It's a very cute mouse and you changed the balloon's color very well

Valma said...

Many thanks to you all ♥

♥ Nia said...

Welcome Valérie!! :D
I love your mouse, is adorable =) The green was a great choice and also the frame! Looks beautiful :) Congrats!!

♥ Nia said...

Mary Joan, thank you for the name!! :D