February 14, 2011

Introduction and my MS finishes

Hello to all Margaret Sherry lovers stitchers!
I'm Veronica (aka Dolci Fusa) from Italy.
I'm a huge fan of this designer, I've also opened a Flickr group to collect all photos concerning her works time ago.
In these years I've stitched many MS characters, let me show them.
The first ones: zodiacal cats, gifted to my dearest friend.

Libra Cat

Gemini cat

Cancer cats

These were for two charity project, a violinist cat...


... and another zodiacal cat (mine!).

Capricorn Cat

A seasonal stitch: it welcomes my guests every Christmas.

Santa & Pals

A welcome baby with Charlie bear, for my cousin's second born.

Charlie bear per Santino part

To finish with a flourish, and consistent with this peculiar day,
two Valentine's gifts for my fiance: a little and tiny pendant for car stitched 1 over 1...

Little Cats

... and a chocolate box mouse. He loves Margaret Sherry patterns very much too.

San Valentino 2009 ad Alfredo

I will show you my MS Sport & Hobbies SAL next time, I've stitched eight characters until now.


Светик said...

Hello , Veronica! I'm glad to see your fine embroideries here. I Look forward continuations:)

Artemania said...

HI Veronica . Wonderful work. Welcome to our group.

Dolci Fusa said...

Thank you to both you.

Annette said...

Welcome Veronica,
What a great Pieces you have made from MS

Astrid's dragon said...

Wow, they are all so wonderful! I'm only starting my first one, but am looking forward to making many more.

♥ Nia said...

Wow!!! So many!! :D Congratulations on your beautiful works!!!
Can I ask you which one is your favorite? Which one did you most enjoy to stitch? :)

Mary Joan said...

Welcome Veronica.
WOW! They all look great, and so many.
Well done.

Dolci Fusa said...

@all: Thank you!

@Nia: I cannot really choose one, I love how all MS patterns grow and turn gorgeus once finished!
My favorite are cats, but I love mice, hedgehogs, Charlie bear, etc. ... ;)


JUJU e LELÊ Artesanatos said...

Amei os gatinhos!!!

Valma said...

your work is great Veronica
I only stiched mice till now but now I've seen your cats, I think I'd like to stitch my zodiacal cat :-)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Hi.. Veronica..
You are very productive..!! :-)
I love them all...

Bunga Rosa said...

So cute and lovely,,,good job. I can't hardly wait to stitch MS cats ^_^