February 17, 2011


Good morning everybody :D

Here is my second mouse
I thought it was called Daffodil but it's Dandelion
It's hanged just beside Party Animal, so we made the same frame  :-)


This one is my favourite...for the moment

I started the Sailing Mice two weeks ago, but it's really still in progress ! :D

Have a nice day girls



Mary Joan said...

He is just so cute. I love the way you have framed him. Well done.

Valma said...

Many thanks Mary Joan ♥
each time I look at him , it seems he's going to move into the frame :-)
MS mice or cats are so expressive....

Annette said...

So cute are the MS mouses!! There are high on my list!!
very beautifull!!!

♥ Nia said...

I love that one too =)
Your frames are so pretty!!!

Good progress on Sailing Mice!! Hope to see more soon :D Keep it going ;)

Valma said...

my 'best half' as you say Nia, does all the frames himself in fact :-)
and each time he finds the right one !