February 21, 2011

Coffee and Cuddles

Hello fellow Margaret Sherry Fans!  This is my first post on the MS Lovers Blog, but hopefully there will be more from me soon!!

So, what MS delight have I recently finished....

Well, it is this cute little MS cat that I stitched for a Valentine's Swap.  The design came from the UK "Cross Stitcher" magazine, issue 198.  The full design features 4 cats in coffee mugs in various poses; I decided to stitch the one in the red mug with the hearts - quite appropriate for Valentine's Day!  Seeing as I wanted to finish it off by putting it into a coaster I decided to stitch the design on 16 count aida so that it would fit into the aperature of the coaster.  At some stage I will probably stitch all 4 cats as they really are so cute!

I am finally about to start my first cat for the MS SAL - I know it is nearly the end of February and I haven't started yet.....  WIP photo to follow by the end of the month!

See you then,
Stitching Noni


BalkisMR said...

nice stitch. i was stitch this kitten. but i change her color. see mine http://yudastitch.blogspot.com/2009/08/4-eko-miau.html

Annette said...

What a cutie!!

♥ Nia said...

First post! Welcome Noni :D
Annette took my words! lol What a cutie =) I haven't stitched those yet but all 4 together are adorable! Hope to see more stitching soon ;)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Hi Noni!
I love the designs too! That's why I've stitched these several times..
Look forward to see your first cat for the SAL :)