February 23, 2011

SAL update

Hello ladies! How is everyone doing? :)
We have new members on the blog, also joining our SAL!

Who has finished stitching the first cat? Me, Joanita, Rafa and ...?
Who has started? Alda, Dinny, Svetlana, Paty and ...?

February is almost finishing, I would like to ask everyone to post something about the SAL. Even if you won't finish it until the end of the month, please, post your wip picture. Let us know which cat you chose and how is your stitching progress :)
I had to remake my backstitch because I wasn't totally happy with it! Now it's all done and I also finished my piece.. about that I'll only tell you more in April ;)


Atelier Caseiro said...

Sorry I did not say anything here SAL, I'm right behind him. I still hope to do so until day 28, I think it will be the intensive weekend. I hope it goes well. I would like to have it earlier, but we can not prioritize it instead of work. All your time and is soon! Tb I'll have my cat so you can see!
=) Ana

Светик said...

I have started to sew the first cat who costs with a pie and candles, I hope to finish by the end of February. I not so like to show photos of incomplete works.

♥ Nia said...

Ok girls! ;)

Susana said...

hi girls, i just stated my cat, i hope to finish him until 28 February...
See ya :)