October 4, 2013

Thank you Angel

Happy Halloween parcel from dear angel :)
awwwwwww cute spiders...
now they are on my hallway mirror bars...so cuteeeeeeeeeeee
and a very sweetttttttttttt card xx
truly a very cute finish..i love it from my heart.
simply so darling <3
and all my spooky treats....i love them all so much.
the shoes are so cute and i collect them... so for me its a big treat :)
Thank you for your kindness Angel.
love and care
cucki x


Angel said...

Happy Cucki, happy me:-)
Enjoy everything sweet Cucki!

Valma said...

hoooooooooooooo, do I have to say that I loooooove ??? =D
Super cute mouse, very well done Angel
I have to find this chart =)
Cucki...how can spiders be cute ???? =D
I'm so afraid ! even in plastic they afraid me =)
a very great first parcel...

Angel said...

Valma, thank you.
The chart i made up myself...i added 2 charts to each together to create a original ms halloween chart.

♥ Nia said...

And the first parcel has arrived!!! :D Uhuuuuuu Happy to see gifts being delivered already!!
Fun parcel from Angel!!! Great work :D

**Ysa** said...

Amazing Gifts!! Congrats to both!!

cucki said...

Lol..they came from so far and looking so sweet and looking at me with fearful eyes and saying yayy we in Africa :) I love my little fellows ..lol my kids think I am crazy :)

Julianne said...

Very cute! Angel did a wonderful job!

Stitching Noni said...

Spooky!! What a great exchange! I love the design Angel stitched - so cute :o)
Gorgeous gifts and another great exchange package :o)
Hugs x