October 1, 2013

SAL Puppy Love complete :)

Hello ladies!! :)
I know I have a few emails to reply, I need some free time to update our exchange list status :p I'll do it later today, everyone will get an email reply from me very soon ;)

Right now I want to share with you the reason why I was away from my laptop during the whole weekend :p I did a cros stitching marathon!!! LOL I stitched two puppies on my SAL and..

... it's complete!!! :D
Happy dance!!!! Uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D

I didn't stitch all french knots, just for punctuation. I was doing the knots and it wasn't looking nice because my french knots are big :p On my cross stitching, I don't have tight stitches and looks like the same goes for my french knots. Mine are not tight and small so it was looking to messy with so many dots close to each other!

I'm very happy with my final work, it needs a pretty frame now :)



Valma said...

wonderful =)
congrats on finishing this SAL
those puppies are lovely and the framed they will be superb =)
great job
French Knots....my nightmare =D

Lesley said...

Ilove this design.Congrats Nia on your finish. I have had it in my stash,from a from a magazine I purchased,for years now. One day I will stitch it.

Angel said...

Such cute dogs, a pretty frame and it will look awesome!

Zurainny Ismail said...

Hi Nia!
My french knots are hilarious, especially when they're for the eyes! So my characters always have uneven eyes! :D Uniquely mine! :D

Stitching Noni said...

Well done on finishing your cute puppies! I still have the last 3 to do... :)
So far I have done the French knots for the eyes.. but I am not sure if they will stay yet...
Hugs x