October 21, 2013

Halloween Exchange - from Judith to Amber

Those who regularly read our Margaret Sherry Lovers blog know that Judith has been going through a rough time lately, so I'm deeply thankful and touched that she found the time to send me this wonderful package for our Halloween Exchange.

(Judith, I've tried sending you thank you messages through email, but both times I've received a Delivery Failure Notice saying that there was a problem with the server. Hopefully, you're still checking in with our blog from time to time and you'll see my thanks here.)

My hubby and I moved last March and I'm still in the process of decorating our walls with artwork, cross stitches, and other crafting projects, so the autumny "Willkommen" sign Judith sent will make a welcome addition to our front entryway! Plus, this is the first Archie Bear I've received, and one that I've been trying to find time to stitch for myself, so I was delighted to see that he was the design that Judith had stitched for me.

Once again, thank you Judith! I look forward to using the crafting notions you've sent and decorating my home with the lovely ornaments. I send you big hugs from Canada to Germany!



Stitching Noni said...

Adorable Archie :)
Lovely exchange from Judith. I love the autumn feel to the gifts and Archie is just adorable. Love this design!
Hugs x

Anne said...

I too love Archie bear!! :) Hope you are doing well Judith, and really nice exchange you sent!! :)

Angel said...

Wonderful exchange from Judith!
Enjoy Amber, and have fun decorating your new home!

♥ Nia said...

A lovely parcel from Judith :) and a wonderful gesture in such hard times.. love and friendship!! ♥

Rita said...

Suck a lovely parcel! Everything beautiful! So nice from Judith ih this times...congrats to both:)

**Ysa** said...

Such a lovely parcel! Congrats to both!

Valma said...

lovely parcel :)
Heather stitched me this Archie bear too, he is so cute
all the goodies received are beautiful, and so precious indeed in such a hard period for Judith
lot's of love to you both

diamondc said...

Wonderful exchanges, such a cute pillow.