October 2, 2013

Halloween exchange - posting alert!!

Hello ladies!
So how is everyone doing on your Halloween parcel?

I finished mine last weekend but I still need to take photo before posting =/ Monday and Tuesday were really busy days, I hope to take photos today and go to the post office until tomorrow :p But I know there's time, I'm sending to Angel, mail only takes a few days to arrive ;) No worry! :)

What about you? Only 4 parcels on the way yet.. will everyone post this week? Who's behind, who's running? :p

Important note:
There was a some confusion about the stitching piece...
Do you remember when I posted here about the choice of design? Margaret Sherry has only a few Halloween designs so we agreed it could be a free choice = free choice of any Margaret Sherry designs!! Here on the group, is always about Margaret Sherry, ok ladies? :)
So.. there might be a couple of unexpected suprises :p heehheeh I hope no one will mind and will forgive the misunderstanding, next time, everyone will know better =)

To everyone, please, pay attention to the posting time, if you're sending to some friend who lives far away, don't take too long to post! Try to post this week, ok? We don't want our partners to receive their gifts after Halloween :p Please, try your best ;)

Don't forget to send me an email with the photo from your parcel and let me know you have posted it!!
Thank you :)


Heather said...

E-mailed you a photo :)

Angel said...

Keeping my fingers crossed this exchange goes as well as tha last and all parcels will arrive at the right destination!

Valma said...

my parcel left on the 1st =)
I hope it will reach Florida very soon and also...very safe....
fun has begun here again =)
so great