October 7, 2013

From Heather to Valma =)

Hello girls,

I'm the second to show , my parcel for the Halloween exchange arrived today and there's only one word to be said...WOW =D
First the discovery of the wrapping....

Isn't it amazing ??
Now I can go in the neighbourhood to ask for candies hahaha =D
Then the discovery of the stitching......

Archie bear is doing his come back for this exchange =)
So cute !
I love their faces and eyes , really. Very well done don't you find ?
And to continue the happy dance, the discovery of the wonderful goodies...

Heather you spoilt me !!!!
Thank you so very much once again for this amazing exchange =)
You made my day !

Fabric, threads, an adorable MS kit, needles, beads and garlands
Have you seen the pumpkins chocolates ??? so funny...
and delicious, believe me us (Hubby is going to help me to eat them =D Heather, he added 'I don't stitch but I help very often so I can eat some =D hehehe)
Thousands of thank you here again .

I'll blog about this parcel as soon as my partner has received mine =)
Cross fingers everything goes well this time again
Big hugs from France my friends, a very special one for Heather


♥ Nia said...

YaY!! Another parcel received!
How cool! Great halloween gifts :D Fun fun parcel!! :)

cucki said...

Aww so spooky cute ❤️❤️

Angel said...

Ahh, great package from Heather.
Enjoy your package Valerie!

**Ysa** said...

Waooo!! Amazing Spookies gifts!! Enjoy it!!

Rita said...

A great package!! Very well done! My partner was heather..i just hope she likes what i've sent her!:(

kisses to you both;))

Heather said...

You are very welcome :) So glad you love the parcel xxx

Rita ... when I receive your package I'll love what you have sent because you chose it for me :) That is the wonderful reason why I love exchanges :) xxxx

Anne said...

Very cute! and such a nice gift!! :)

Stitching Noni said...

Oh, gorgeous package! Love the design Heather stitched, and all those cute pumpkins... just lovely! Well done girls :o)
Hugs x