April 25, 2013

I'm still smiling

Just came the postwoman.. yes here she is a female.. lol.
And I hear something fall.
Run to the door.. and a package from France  .... why????

I looked a the back, opened it fast and there it was ... another Pixie gift.

OMG Valarie!!!
She knows I don't have a needle-book,
I love it.. thank you so much sweetie
I love it
So in love!!!Two beautifull Pixie gifts!!

Hugss petite Annette


Valma said...

awww what a beauty =D
OK, I can't say that...I did it hehehe, but I'm really happy you love it
I tried to find the whiter fabric I had for the back and inside...& of course felt =D
Big hugs sweetie

Dobre Czasy said...

Witaj-u Ciebie jak zawsze-PIĘKNIE,CUDOWNIE.Pozdrawiam serdecznie i bardzo wiosennie z Dobrych Czasów - zapraszam w odwiedzinki,a może na dłużej..

Deb Jochim said...

How precious! It is adorable! Love it! :) I don't have one either and I am forever losing my needles! I might have to just stitch one up for myself...now...what design to use...Mmmmmm.... :)


LittleStar07 said...

so cute so beautiful......

Angel said...

Ahh, that is so sweet!
Of course a little mouse from Valerie ;-)
Yes Valerie you really made a beauty again!

Stitching Noni said...

Adorable. What a little cutie and such a lovely pixie gift :)

Regina said...

Wow... so beautiful...And where can I get a diagram? Write to me in e-mail deinarei@gmail.com ? Thank YOU.

♥ Nia said...

This is so but soooo sweet =) Valérie always amazes us!! :D