April 4, 2013

Easter gifts from Olli :)

Hello ladies!
I hope everyone had a good time with your family last weekend. Unfortunately, for one of our friends, this year Easter was not a happy season =( Angel, our heart is with you, sending a strong hug on your way sweetie!!

Last week I received Olli's exchange parcel, sorry for not posting earlier but I got it just when I was about to leave for Lisbon. There wasn't enough time to take photos and post. But I did update the list on our blog and also wrote a thank you comment for Olli on her blog =)

I love this piece! We tie the corners with a bow and a little basket is mounted, I've been willing to make something like this for so long!! Now I got it as a gift, what a lovely surprise! Thank you Olli!!


Annette said...

Wonderfull gift you got!!!

Valma said...

How great it is =)
great stitching piece and a wonderful finish
well done Olli =)
I also have this kind of basket on my to do list =D
Hugs to you all and very special thoughts for Angel

LittleStar07 said...

Wow! Nice gifts and piece!!
Congratulate that you got a such nice gift! ^^ Olli you're rock!

Olli said...

Nia, you are welcome! :) Thankx ladies, I do my best!

Musicwoman said...

Hallo Olli,

my prayers are with you and I hope that you are feeling a bit better sooner or later.
I do like the finishing of your stitching. Where can I find a plan how to sew it.
I would like to do such a finishing sooner or later.
Hoping that you all have a nice day

Stitching Noni said...

A lovely exchange gift :). Such a great idea for a basket. I will have to put this on my must make list.. The hens are so cute - this is a gorgeous design and perfect for a gift :)
Well done ladies!

Angel, my thoughts are with you.

Hug xx