April 4, 2013

Easter Exchange update!!!

Everyone can check our status list on the page for all our exchanges, you can see it on the 3rd option of the top menu above ;)

So far:
1. Lentochka - Posted
2. Joey - Posted
3. Cucki - Posted / Received
4. Eleana
5. Annette - Posted
6. Olli - Posted / Received
7. Nia - Posted / Received
8. Heather - Posted / Received
9. Angel - Posted / Received
10. Valma - Posted / Received
11. Judith - Posted / Received
12. Noni - Posted

Total sent: 11/12 (not sure about Eleana yet)
Total received: 7/12 (this means about half the group... next time, we need to do better girls!!)

Anyone missing here? Is there any news to update?
Please, let me know ;)


Annette said...

Ill hope bij the end of the month every one will have his gift..
We will wait and see!!
Your doing a great job sweetie!!

Musicwoman said...

I do hope that my mail will reach my partner very soon.

And Nia, I am so happy about your work and I do enjoy reading all the entries.
Have a good day

Valma said...

only a few parcels left....
I hope they will arrive very soon
Pleeeeeeease Eleana, you know how we can feel when we don't have news =D
It's a great exchange again with lovely and beautiful pieces done...

Stitching Noni said...

My package from Judith has now arrived... it's gorgeous :o)
I have just posted a pic for you all to see :o)
Thank you Judith for the lovely exchange gift, and thank you Nia for organising another great exchange xx

♥ Nia said...

I'm so happy Noni :D List updated!

Thank you for your support ladies, let's hope all the other parcels will arrive soon :)
Still no news from Eleana.. =(