April 6, 2013

Friendship & Easter Exchange

Hello!  It is time to reveal what the postie delivered this week... Two adorable packages from the other side of the world.

The first package to arrive came from Rita in Portugal.

Gift from Rita

Rita sent me a lovely handmade card, some postcards with pictures of Portugal and some lovely embellishments   Rita sent me the card and pretties as a thank you for the exchange package I sent her as part of our MS Lovers Blog Winter Exchange.  Such a lovely surprise - Thank you Rita, I adore everything that you sent :o)

The second package was my Easter Exchange gift which came all the way from Judith in Germany.

Easter Exchange from Judith
Close up of the gorgeous bunny pillow

The pillow is delightful.  I love the design - in fact I nearly stitched it myself for the Exchange but changed my mind at the last minute.  Also in the package is a book of cute Easter German cross stitch designs, a thread holder, a cute little bunny bag with some lovely embellishments and some choccies.  Aren't they all so lovely?  Thank you Judith, this is a lovely exchange gift.

As yet I still can't show you what I sent to Lentochka as part of the exchange as I haven't heard yet if it has arrived safely in Russia.  Hopefully we will hear soon of it's arrival and all will be revealed.

So now that makes two packages that I have sent that I am still waiting to show off to you - a pixie parcel to Eleana and my Easter Exchange to Lentochka.  Fingers crossed we will hear any day now that they have arrived and all will be revealed :o)

Thank you again Judith and Rita for my gorgeous packages - they really made my day :o), and thank you Nia for organising our Exchanges.  I love being a part of these exchanges - all the love and friendship that goes into the stitching and packages is wonderful.  I hope that the last couple of packages arrive soon and that everyone will be smiling.

Til next time, happy stitching



Valma said...

wow, gifts that are a delight for the eyes =D
Wonderful stitching and finish by Judith !
I love the fabric
and all those goodies....yummy =)
very well done
Rita is a sweetheart too =)A very good surprise in the mail
I hope your parcel to Lentochka will soon arrive...
big big hugs
enjoy sweetie

Ateliê Tribo de Judá said...

Lindos trabalhos e charmosa troquinha.
é sempre gostoso compartilhar nossa arte e nosso carinho.
Desejo-lhe um lindo final de semana.

Anne said...

Lovely exchange items. OH so cute rabbit! I too hope that your parcels arrive soon!! :)

♥ Nia said...

Ohh so many beautiful gifts :D Love and friendship spreading all around!! Wonderful!!! :D

I'm still waiting for news from Eleana, I'm sure she has received parcels but sadly hasn't wrote about it yet =( I will let you all know when I get new info!!

Thank you for your participation and always being on top of things ;) Thank you sweetie!!!

Hugs&smiles :D

♥ Nia said...

I was so amazed by this lovely parcels that I forgot to say congrats to Judith!! Beautiful bunny, lovely pillow sweetie! :D

Musicwoman said...

I am so happy that my mail fninally arrived at NONI.
And I am so greatful that she likes it and all your words brighten my soul
Thanks for this. I am so happy to be part of this community.
Hoping that you all have a good day

Rita said...

My dear Noni...i'm so away from internet and blogs these last months that i just saw this now..i'm sorry. I was really glad you liked everything!! :)
many kisses to you!! :)