April 25, 2013

I'm so happy!!!

Can you all see my BIG SMILE????
It's even bigger then my face.

I'm a membre here for more then 2 years, all beautifull piece I see, so I thought lets enter a Exchange, my first one.
Then my sender is AFK... no problem because all the kind words of Nia are to sweet!!

But then she asked for Pixie gifts to send.. I thought who would send me something..

I got my first in the mail..

So so so so so so sweet Angele.. I'm so happy.
Thank you so much.. I'm so happy with it all!!
Your really too sweet
Look at al those lovely things.. so happy.. the cardholder is so beautifull, always wanted one!!!

Thank you Angele.. and you too Nia..
Both you are the best..

I'm still walking with a very big smile!!1

Hugs Annette aka Petite Anne


Valma said...

so S-U-P-E-R
I love those mice in a cup, have to stitch them (I think I secretly want to stitch all MS mice hehehehe)
the card is very beautiful, I received one for the Easter exchange from Angel, I know how beautiful her cards are
very sweet pixie gift

Angel said...

You are very welcome!!

Blij dat je het leuk vindt!

Stitching Noni said...

Super adorable :)
Can see you smiling from here!!
Lovely pixie gift. The teacup mice are so cute :)

♥ Nia said...

So happy to see you smilling!!! :D
wonderful pixie love!! Your mailbox was full!! :D
And you may get a few more things... who knows? ;) hehehhe