April 16, 2013

#1 April update

Hello ladies! It's about time for an update, right? ;)

Easter Exchange
I've been waiting for news on our Easter exchange but.. there are none! Nothing as changed =(
Please, check the status list on our exchange page and let me know if there's something missing. Any other parcel as arrived to destination??

Still no word back from Eleana... by now I think there was enough time for Eleana to take a minute and write to someone. Write here on the group, send me an email, send an email to Annette, send something to someone!! I think I've waited enough and I don't want this to continue for longer than it should! So, 2 weeks past Easter, I would say Annette needs some Pixie magic ;)

Christmas Exchange
I also need to go a little back to the Christmas exchange... Gislene didn't receive anything either, Tracey is MIA. It was Christmas so I waited, mail to Brazil takes too long so I waited, Easter has passed and I've learned my lesson. 2 weeks is how long I will wait for our friends to receive their parcels! Doing that for Annette and now catching up with Gislene too.

Let me also say, I won't accept Eleana for any other exchange. I've warned here on the blog, our exchanges are made for fun, I did not apply for a police job :p Writing an email is the only thing I ask, if people can't find the time to do it.. I'm sorry, I can't let this happen again, I owe it to all of you.

Summing up, we need to send some pixie parcels to our friends, Annette (Netherlands) and Gislene (Brazil). To everyone who would like to apply to the Pixie job, please, send me an email ;) heheheh Let's keep something a surprise, we won't publish here who will send, let me know by email ok? ;)

You don't need to send a big parcel, if you have the chance to send an handmade item, that's great! If not, you can still send some treats that will make our friends smile :) All parcels together will make a big parcel to make up for the missing exchange! :D
So, if you have the chance to send a gift, there's no rule, no number of items, just send something from your heart =)
Any other questions about the pixie parcels, write on the email, I will reply to all :)

Thank you ladies!!


LittleStar07 said...

i'm still waiting my easter exchange..... hope it can arrive safely..... But, who is sending gift to me?

♥ Nia said...

Joey, you can see all info here, look at the Easter exchange list.
#1 is Lentochka who sent to you, #2 it's you, #3 Cucki who you sent to and so on.. it goes like the numbers on the list.
Lentochka posted to you, it's on your way. Some country take more time for snail mail than others.. but it will arrive soon :)

To Annette, you don't even have any info that the parcel was sent =/
But I do know some friends are still waiting for their exchange. Next time I will put an earlier deadline on posting time!!!

Valma said...

I hope that the parcels which are on the road will soon arrive....
for the rest ... :x
500% agree with your words sweetie

LittleStar07 said...

oic~ Thanks Nia~ I understand now... ^^

Yes, I still very patient waiting that and it will give me surprise and make my day...

Annette said...

So sweet of you Nia..
But no need, I loved entering your exchange.. all your sweet words make my Easter a happy place still!!