April 3, 2013

Easter Exchange..thank you joey :)

Dear Joey and Friends,
i received my sweet easter exchnage gift from joey..she made my day with it :)
aww such lovely gifts...
i love everything so much from my heart <3
many many thanks dear joey for it..
the bag is a swetheart and all my goodies is a big treat for me...
yummy eggs...we all loving it so much...
everything is just so perfect ...thank you dear.
hugs and love
cucki xxxx


Valma said...

woooooo, another design not seen yet =D
Very great, this bag is lovely and the stitching too
Joey did very well
Super happy for you that the exchange arrived
yummy goodies =)

Anne said...

Very nice stitching and goodies!! :)

LittleStar07 said...

Thanks Cucki sweetie.... I glad you love and enjoy my little gifts too.... So glad it arrive safely... it make my day too....

Dear Valma, thanks your comment... your comment make my day too.... <3

Dear Anne, TQ very much....^^

♥ Nia said...

Lovely parcel :D Congrats to both!!

Musicwoman said...

I do love all the finishes you all did. I really enjoy looking at the photos of the exchange.
And I do hope that my mail will reach my partner very sson.

Have a nice day

Stitching Noni said...

Lovely gift :). Great idea to stitch a cute hen to make a lovely tote bag. Lots of great pressie's as well. Brilliant exchange :). Well done!!