July 24, 2012

Summer exchange:: Update!!

Hello ladies!!

I'm happy to see that all our exchanges parcels are travelling safely. Simone is waiting to receive from Dulcinella but this was the last package being posted and mail service in Brazil is very slow :p I'm sure Simone will receive her goodies soon :)
Lija and Dinny also sent to Cris and Lu but I didn't get any feedback from them yet, I'm assuming both parcels arrived to their destinations too!

The sad part is that (more than one month from our deadline) there are still 3 friends missing to post their parcels or to tell us how things are going =/
I want to let everyone know that I'm giving my attention to that, I've writen emails to Eleana, Cris and Lu (more than once..), I hope to close our exchange soon!! Very, very soon!!
I think everyone should post their packages until the end of July, too much time has passed already.. Let's give it until July 31st. Marcinha and Francesca, do you agree with me? Would you mind waiting one more week?

Thanks to everyone who joined this exchange, made something special for their friends and also made an effort to post it as soon as possible. You make the exchanges fun to the group! :)

UPDATE July 26th:
. Eleana posted her parcel - list updated!
. still no reply from Cris or Lu

UPDATE July 30th:
. Lu posted her parcel - list updated!
. still no reply from Cris


Francesca Violetta said...

yes, sure, dear Nia, I agree with you! and thanks a lot for your attention about this exchange.

Valma said...

Indeed this time again great things have appeared here for this exchange
what a pleasure to be part of this group =D
great stitching, great finishes, lot's of friendship and love
Maybe our partners are on holidays :-/
Let's wait a little bit more...and tell me if I have to wear my pixie boots =D

Stitching Noni said...

Fabulous exchange again! Hopefully all packages will be received soon - if not I will also put on some pixie boots :o)