July 10, 2012

news update #14

Posting request!
Ladies, please, don't write on your blog and then copy-paste here. When you do that, your text settings will come from your blog and mix with this blog settings, then we get little letters, huge spaces.. =/ Please, make sure that doesn't happen. Thank you :)

Summer exchange
We are more than 2 weeks ahead from our deadline, please, if you haven't posted your parcel do it soon. Except for Dulcinella, who had some troubles with her health, I know her partner understands and it's all good! Dulcinella, I'm sure you'll send a lovely package when you have the opportunity :)

To all the other ladies who are behind: come on, move those needles and put some stamps on your work!! :p hahahah

Please, let me know if I'm missing someone on the list. You can check it on the right sidebar :)
. sent = posted the exchange parcel
. received = parcel from friend received
. ok = a bit behind but will post soon

SAL #3
Are you feeling the heat? It's Summer already! Your Summer cat wants to get out of the bag :p heheheh Show us some more Summer cats! :)

New designs
Another tip from Valérie!! :D
Cross Stitch Crazy has new designs on issue 167, a set of 14 brand new Margaret Sherry chart cards :) It's on sale since July 5th but the bad news is that we can't buy this issue online yet, we will have to wait a little more =(

New Author
And there's one more friend on our group!! Let's welcome Denise, from Canada :D


LittleStar07 said...

I can't get the world of xstitch from my local shop too.... I always have to miss the Margaret chart... :(

I order online from them but I never receive any issue from them... I so disappointed buy online direct from them.....

Marcinha said...

I also buy online, but always comes home in two days, is super fast. This issue is already at home, the graphics are beautiful.

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome Denise! I am failing dismally with my cool cats - I still haven't started my 2nd one!! But I have a cunning plan... We are going to Hong Kong soon so I am going to take it on the plane with me and stitch all the way there & back - it is a 7 hour flight. That's if they let me take a needle on board!!

Stitching Noni said...

Update on summer exchange - I have now received mine from Ollie and it is gorgeous.... thank you Ollie :o)

Elke said...

War in Irland auf Urlaub und habe mir auch das Cross Stitch Grazy gekauft. Mir gefällt das Heft sehr gut.
Liebe Grüße aus Österreich von Elke