July 6, 2012

from me to Dulcinella =)

Hi girls!
Dulcinella is having some trouble with her internet connection but we know she received my Summer exchange :) Here it is was I made and sent:

Let's bee friends from Cross Stitcher 226
This design has a couple of bees but I decided not to stitch them because my fabric already had lots of bees flying around ;) hehehe

I'm very happy to know that my little gift made sweet Dulcinella smile :D That's the best return!!! =)


Annette said...

Really a wonderfull job!!!!!
Love it!!

Valma said...

It's wonderful !
Lovely =)
cute colours, great stitching and I love the way you offered the ribbons =)
I understand why Dulcinella was happy

fabka27 said...

Wow! It's so sweet :)

Plichcia said...

Beautiful finish, really, really :).

Olimpia said...

Congratulations both us you, everything is very nice.


Stitching Noni said...

I love this design :o) Lovely gifts too! Aren't those pegs just the bees knees :o) I bet Dulcinella was over the moon with this gift :o)