July 5, 2012

SAL Cool Cats - my first personal disaster.....

I am very sorry that I am so behind in this lovely project. I had a great idea - that's what I thought....
I wanted to make for myself a nice shopping bag. I bought a cotton bag and a piece of soluble (the one that should disappear in warm water) canvas.
And it was the worst idea of mine....
This soluble canvas didn't disappear, it actually in a way glued the threads and the result is completely horrible - what you can see below:

As you can see my project is ruined.... stitches are not even, and it just looks even worse in real :(.
Therefore I got very discouraged....
But after giving this matter a little bit of thinking I have realized that this is fun and fun it should stay :). So I have a new idea - this time it involves regular aida :) - and I will start stitching as soon as I will finish my "new baby born" project!
Just a little patience and hopefully this month I will manage to catch up with all you guys!!!!

Have a lovely day


Valma said...

Maybe in real you first found it's awful but I really think that it's not as ugly as you said =D
I even find him very cute and perfectly matching with fabric =)
it was a great job anyway
(maybe the fabric was too dark and as there's lot's of white in the cats...)
don't be discouraged =D
Can't wait to see your next project =)
bugs hugs

♥ Nia said...

I was going to write my comment and I read what Valérie wrote before, I agree!! It really doesn't look bad like you say, if there's any canvas under the stitches, we can see it in the photo. I've never done this before, never stitched xxx in cotton fabric. Don't be discouraged sweetie!! If you don't try we will never learn, right? We need to try and see how it works, the second one will look even better to you!! :D
Can I ask you about the soluble canvas? Was it from DMC? I have a piece of DMC soluble canvas but I haven't used it yet..

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Maybe someone can help you with some tips too, maybe someone from the group have done this before and give advice to all of us :)

Don't worry about behind late, you're working on it, you made something creative :) I'm sure you'll catch up soon.
Well done!! Even if you don't like it, you're learnins something, you have a new experience now and you know more than when you started! That's very positive sweetie :)

Stitching Noni said...

Your spring cat is lovely. I usually use the waste canvas and while it's time consuming removing all the threads one by one I think it gives a lovely finish. The stitches can still look uneven as it's not as good as regular aida, but it's worth trying as it is nice to be able to cross stitch on something other than the cross stitch material occasionally. I haven't used the soluble canvas before so not really sure what the best way is to deal with the removal of the canvas. Keep trying though :o)