July 4, 2012

news update #13

Summer exchange
Catching up for these last few days! I've seen beautiful works and lovely parcels received :D I hope everyone is happy and having fun! I know some of you are a little behind, I hope everyone will be able to post until the end of the week and soon all parcels will be travelling across the world!

Please, let me know if I'm missing someone on the list. You can check it on the right sidebar :)
. sent = posted the exchange parcel
. received = parcel from friend received
. ok = a bit behind but will post soon

SAL #3
What about those Summer cats??? :D
Half the group hasn't even started.. is that true? Come on ladies, grab your needles and stitch those Cool Cats!! We are missing some updates here ;)

New author
Please, welcome Melly (from Romania) to the group!! :D

New designs
Valérie just told me about the new releases!! Check it out on Margaret Sherry's website :D Thank you Valérie!! ;)
"You and me" is so cute =) And those "Elephants" are adorable!!! My heart is melting ehehehe Which one is your favorite? :)


Valma said...

Welcome Melly =)
And congrats again for everything that has been made for the summer exchange, I'm impatient to see next parcels =)
you will say I abuse...but of course 'You and me' is my favourite new design =)
Mice of course...
But I must admit the elephants are really cute
happy stitching girls, can't wait to see more creations from our favourite designer here =)
hugs from France

LittleStar07 said...

Welcome Melly.... i'm just join this group not long ago too ... ^^ Hope to see your great job too...