July 3, 2012

summer exchange arrived!

Nia, thank you ever so much for the lovely presents you sent me. I was so happy with it. Lovely stitching, lovely things, it made me feel so much better all of a sudden:-).
I will post pictures later this week if my internet is working again properly and if I can use any computer that I want anywhere I want in this house.
My exchange package for Simone is now in hubby's car who will bring it to the post office first thing tomorrow. Sorry it took a bit longer, but hopefully there is a speedy service between the two continents:-) I miss you all, but I'll be back!


Valma said...

Caaaaaaan't wait to see pictures =)
Sure you've been blessed

We miss you too Dulcinella
Hope everything will be OK soon and mostly for you of course, we can wait a bit for your internet to come back if we know you're in good health
big hugs

♥ Nia said...

Hi Dulcinella! I read your email this morning :)
I'm glad my parcel arrived safely!!! :D Don't worry, I have pictures here too, I will post as soon as I finish updating everything here on the blog ;)
And it's ok, Simones won't be mad ahahaha It's just a few days later, it's ok! ;)
Hugs to you sweetie!!!!