January 17, 2014

SAL #4 - "Puppy Love" finished!

Just thought I'd drop in really quickly and do an update on my attempt at SAL #4 "Puppy Love".

I had intended to finish these little cuties before the end of 2013... but time and tide wait for no man and certainly not for me!  Even though I was stitching right up to midnight on 31st December 2013, I didn't actually put the final back stitch in until a couple of days later.

May I present Margaret Sherry's "Puppy Love"

I really did enjoy stitching these gorgeous puppies and I am a little bit sad to have finished them... but while they may be packed away safe and sound at the moment, I will bring them out in a couple of weeks to do the final finish on them.  Still trying to work out what to do but I suspect they will be made into a hanging for either the craft room or one of the spare rooms.

You may notice that I didn't do all the french knots on the lettering.  While I don't mind french knots normally, trying to do them on the lettering was driving me spare... so I decided that life was short enough without stressing over french knots!  In the end I have only stitched them for the punctuation - I don't think they are missed as the design looks just as nice without them!

I am looking forward to starting the next SAL especially the Spring Bouquet kitty.  Hopefully the lovely Margaret Sherry will have some more gorgeous designs out this year in our favourite mags that we can drool over and stitch.

See you again real soon when I come back to show you all the "making up" that I have been doing on my other SAL's that we have stitched over the last few years.



Valma said...

soooooo cute =)
even without all the French knots =D
it seems you're not the only one to have done differently, it doesn't matter, this piece is truly adorable =)
can't wait to see your finish
indeed, let's hope MS will create new lovely designs this year....less cats maybe hahaha =D

Preeti said...

They all look so cute and adorable !! Congrats on the finish, Noni!! :)
I am with you for Next SAL. This will be my first SAL with our group. Let's have fun stitching lovely things this year too :)

Rita said...

This is soooo cute! love it!!
also just hateeeee french knots! lol So instead i use beads, but they are also not very easy to put, but aren't so difficult then the french knots:p

It's really a great job you did!! I will wait for you to show the final touch :D

many kisses dear****

♥ Nia said...

Uhuuuu!! Great work!! Congrats on your finish sweetie :D
I think it looks better without all those knots, the design has too many knots all together =/ It's prettier this way :)

Angel said...

Wow, you did a good job!!
Pretty stitching!

Zurainny Ismail said...

French knots - urgh! The puppies look just as delightful without them, and minus the stress... :D

Shebafudge said...

Those puppies are absolutely adorable!