January 13, 2014

my cute cat again!


Nia missed my cat (it is ok
but i did post it before in march 2013).
But it is so cute i will post it again;-)



♥ Nia said...

I probably saw it on your first post but do you know why I couldn't find it now? because there's no label on the post =/

When people post without any tag, I always try to update and add the info but I probably missed that post of yours.
The way we can find all related posts to some design, is by checking the cloud of labels on the right sidebar of the blog. Take a look, if you click in any theme, you get all blog posts about it. I didn't see any for Spring bouquet so I thought no one had stitch it or posted about it so far.

To all ladies on the group, please, add labels to your posts!! :)

Wiktoria Bojda said...

Słodki! :)

Angel said...

You can find it under my name, cute cat with a lot of flowers.
Sorry did not knew i could add labels myself...we just keep on learning things;-)

Preeti said...

Aye aye captain Nia :) we will put the labels.
I am happy to stitch spring cat and I prefer that to sunny snooze. I just suggested sunny snooze because Angel had stitched this one and also I have only few magazines ;)
the holiday discounts have also ended for online issues :(

Lovely stitching, Angel !!:)

Debbie Vermeulen said...

I love this cat. Your stitching is beautiful:-)Well done!

Valma said...

this stitching is as cute as it was on the first day =D
you all know I'm not a 'cat addict' but when they are from MS I can make an exception =)
the bouquet & the butterfly are lovely =D
very great stitching sweetie
(Nia, maybe you forgot you saw it on Angel's blog =D hahaha, naughty me)

♥ Nia said...

hahahaha I love Valérie's last comment :D LOL!!!!
Angel, you need to start your blog in 2014 ;) heheheheh

Stitching Noni said...

A for Adorable!
Love this kitty :o)

Melly said...

Just lovely!

Angel said...

Thank you:-)

Yes, still no blog.
But i love to stitch ms. patterns so at least you get to see them here haha:-)