January 7, 2014

2013 Christmas exchange update

Problem nº1:
Well, I try to keep track on our exchange but not everyone helps.. I asked everyone to let me know when a package is sent or received, some of you forget to do it :p I can check it here, it's true. But it's much quicker and easier to read your email, update my list and it's done! When people don't write, I need to check post by post, if it's up to date or not...
It would really help a lot if everyone would follow the rules..

Problem nº2:
I noticed not everyone wrote back to their partner... REALLY???
Come on ladies, if you receive a gift, you should write to your friend and say thanks. Being nice, being polite, it's on the rules too but you shouldn't need someone to tell you such thing!! Come on... think a little and write back to your secret Santa!!

Yes, I'm here to manage the group and pull your ears when it's needed too :p

Parcels posted: 18/18
All parcels posted!

Parcels received: 11/18
. Valma - Received :)
. Olli - Received :)
. Angel - Received :)
. Anne Fraser - Received :)
. Heather - Received :)
. Gislene - Received :) Updated 17.01.2014
. Judith - Received :)
. Noni - Received :)
. Rita
. Lentochka
. Cucki
. Maria Ysabel - Received :)
. Jules - Received :)
. Natalya
. Amber - Received :)
. Camille
. Debra Vermeulen
. Julianne - Received :)

Anyone missing on the list??
Who else has received their secret Santa's gift?


Stitching Noni said...

Oops, did I remember to send you an email when I recevied from Heather. I don't think I did - sorry.... big fail from me :o(

Hope those last stragglers have arrived or are very nearly at their destination
Hugs x

Valma said...

ho my !
same shame on me....
I sent a mail to Judith to immediately thank her, but forgot to send you one sweetie =(
next time I won't fail =)
hope the last parcels will arrive soon
(and by the way...what about the parcel to Rita for the Halloween exchange ? :-/)

Debbie Vermeulen said...

Hi Nia,
I haven't received my parcel yet. But I know it is on it's way. ;-)
Will check the post box again today! Many thanks. Have loved taking part.

Ysabel Vargas said...

Sorry Nia!! I also forgot to send you the email or to Amber when I received my package but I posted inmediately.. I will have on mind for next exchanges!!!

corinne said...

Hi Nia, no haven't received my package but I'm sure it's on his way !

Anne said...

Hi ! Rita emailed me last week that she received my exchange to her, and said she would post as soon as she could. :) I'm so glad she rec'd it! It sure took a long time since Dec 5 mailing!! :)