January 7, 2014

2014 SAL

Who's up for another SAL (stitch-a-long) in 2014? :)

It hasn't been easy to find a recent Margaret Sherry chart...
... published on magazines, so everyone can easily buy it;
... that it hasn't been stitched here on the group yet;
... that we could break in different parts, like we did with Puppy Love, for those who don't want to stitch the whole chart and prefer to make small parts of it.
(If you can find a good idea, please, share it with us!)

So far, I have 2 suggestions :)

#1 Spring bouquet
I think this design is so pretty and cute, I haven't seen anyone stitch it yet! Am I right?
It's a bigger chart, not easy to break in parts so everyone would stitch at their own pace and show us their progress along the year. No specific dates to post, just the end of the year as a deadline to stitch it all!

#2 Sports & Hobbies (thanks to Heather for sharing her idea!!)
Sports&Hobbies series has many different charts, some have been stitched by our group members but there are a lot of options, maybe we could work with that :)
The idea would be to stitch one design every 3 months, total of 4 designs along the year. Each person could make their own choice, pick which designs you'd like to stitch and then show us your finished piece :) One piece posted until the end of March, another until the end of June, another until the end of September and the last one until the end of the year.

What do you think about both ideas?
We can pick the most voted or even keep both and let everyone sign up as they wish! Share your thoughts :)


Angel said...

Haha, i made the first one(was very nice to stitch it) and i have made 3 sports (hedgehodge iceskating, cow on skis, and one i havent shown yet).
But both ideas are nice Nia:-)

Angel said...

Oh, i forgot one i havent shown eather....so i finished both already:-)
Maybe i just stitch to much MS....cant help myself they are just too cute!

Annette said...

What a great idea's Nia.,
Good luck and have fun!!!

Heather said...

I lime the idea of smaller designs but I also like the idea of a bigger design when finished :) Spoilt for choice now! xxx

socialsue said...

I brought a chart last year with a horse being led by a dog, I think...it is in my stash bin and I have been dying to get started on it soon. I also have several Margaret Sherry's charts that I need to stitch as well. Would it be possible to stitch what we have? I do have some sports and hobbies charts too.

Preeti said...

I am ok with both and would love to stitch them just that I need to see if I have 4 hobby charts.
I purchased many back issues on my iPad and in that the first one is there. Also, there is 'sunny snooze' chart in sept 2013 issue...just check if anyone is interested in that because 1st one has been done by Angel.

Stitching Noni said...

I think both are great ideas.... I have the spring kitty on my list to stitch so very happy to do him as the next SAL..
Sunny Snooze is cute as well!
PS: Puppy Love is finished :o) Will post an update soon :o)
Hugs x

Angel said...

Oh i like sunny snooze too, nice idea!!

Ysabel Vargas said...

I like both ideas too... I would to stitch that sampler and maybe one or two hobbies/sports..

Mónica Silva said...

Hello Nia
I bet the second though do not know what sports and hobbies; :)

Anne said...

I like the spring bouquet. If I can locate it I would love that one to stitch for the SAL! :)

amber said...

I'd like to stitch the Spring Cat picture, but could someone tell me where this pattern comes from? Was it in a magazine? If so, which one, and which issue number? If I don't have it in my collection already, I'd be happy to track down a back issue for the stitch along.

Ana said...

Hi girls! Happy 2014 to everyone!

Hum... it's a hard choice but if I really have to choose one, than I pick number 2. I already have one chart on my to do list. :)

Nia, if you're open for another suggestion than what do you say of luxury Xmas cards from cross stitch crazy nr 157? We could follow your idea on the second option.

Either way, one of my goals for 2014 is to finally participate in a SAL with all you girls, so whatever is the final choice, you can count on me.


P:S. I love spring bouquet also. :)

Ana said...

You can find the chart on cross stitch crazy nr 174.

amber said...

Thanks Ana! I don't have the magazine, but may see if I can get a back issue.

Viver por Amor said...

I didn't finish the 2013 SAL...but i will...:P
About this, my choice is....Sports and hobbies!I like them a lot.I just wold like to know if is possibel see all them together...
Kisses for you NIA!;D
Always a nice work!

♥ Nia said...

Angel how could I have known that if you hadn't showed us yet? hehehhehe Had no ideia you've stitched it already =)

Socialsue everyone can stitch whatever they like, all year long!! :) Feel free to stitch you favorite charts, all those you already have, and share the final photos with us here :)
The ideas for SALs are just group activities, something we can agree to stitch at the same time and motivate our friends to stitch along :) But it's a choice to sign in or not, you don't have to really do it, just those who feel like, who enjoy the options and have the free time to do it :)

Preeti I like 'Sunny Snooze' too, another cutie :) But I was trying to pick one that would please the most to everyone, Spring bouquet looked more bright and happy :) But it's a great choice too!
As I told above, I couldn't know Angele had stitch it because she didn't post it here!!! :p hehehehe Just finding out now!

Amber, sorry I forgot to mention it! Spring Bouquet it's from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, issue 174.

Ana a Christmas SAL it's a great idea too but from such an old issue it might not be too easy... for those who don't have it, it's harder to find the magazine and buy an issue =/

Stella Fuentes Arias said...

Hello, I would like to join for the tulip cat ...

Angel said...

Nia, my cat was posted in 03-2013 but as i said i can imagine it will be a nice SAL.
It was really fun stitching this cat.
I am busy with stitch in time right now so that will keep me busy for a while haha.

♥ Nia said...

Angel I just commented on your new post ;)

Ana said...

Oh, that's right. :( Didn't thought of that.

Hum... how about Bags of Fun? It's from magazine cross stitch crazy number 185. It's a very recent magazine, don´t you agree?. :) And even better, I haven't seen this chart stitched yet. ;D


Debbie Vermeulen said...

Ana, I love your bags of fun idea!

It is nice to do something from a recent magazine so the chances are better that everyone can get a copy of the pattern. And people can choose to do one or two of the bags. That gets my vote:-)

Preeti said...

I love bags of fun too but I thought Christmas is just over so not sure whether anyone would be interested. For me, its just another cute MS chart on todo list because I don't celebrate Christmas. I am in for any of three choices - Spring cat, sunny snooze and bags of fun :)

Anne said...

Hi! I just got the January 2014 Cross Stitch Crazy and it has A new MS design. Two cats and a dog real cute in pretty Christmas bags! I was wondering if this also might be considered an option for 2014 SAL? :)

Stitching Noni said...

Bags of fun sounds good to me too :)