January 30, 2014

Another new face!

Hi everyone! My name is Sara and I'm an algebra teacher (high school math) in Texas. I love cats, silly iPhone games, and of course cross stitching! Margaret Sherry designs got me back into cross stitching during college. I look forward to participating in SALs and exchanges with my fellow stitchers!! Here are a few designs I've done!

Stitching Helpers

Christmas charts made into ornaments

A kit done and edited for a friend's wedding!



simone arrais said...

Welcome, Sara! I'm sure you gonna have fun here! Regards from Brazil!

Preeti said...

Welcome Sara!! Your stitched pieces look very sweet :) you will surely have a nice time stitching here with all of us.

Suzi said...

Welcome, Sara! Your embroideries are beautiful and I love your stitching signature ♥ Regards from Slovakia!

Valma said...

Algebra...I can't find that word in the dictionary =)
only my dictionary maybe =D
Very warm welcome here Sara
Great pieces you've done already !
I love the mouse on the first, her face is so cute and well done =)
have fun here
hugs from France

Julianne said...

Very nice stitching! Welcome to the group. 馃槃

Angel said...

Welcome Sara!
Great pieces you made!
Have fun stitching!

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome Sara! Lovely to meet you :)
I have to say Alegbra was not my best friend at school!!!!
Love your gorgeous stitching - can't wait to see some more :)
Hugs xx

Sarah Beth said...

Really nice job. I like how you finished your ornaments. How did you make them like that?

Julianne said...

Where can I find the chart for Stitching Friends? Thanks!


Sara said...

Thank you everyone!

Sarah Beth - it's actually a finishing technique I stole from my mom, you cut an identical piece of Aida (we used red) and stitch them together. Put a little stuffing in, and fray the edges and ta-da! It can be a little difficult at first to make sure the 2 pieces of Aida are aligned.

Julianne - it was one of the 6 designs from the Margaret sherry calendar from last year. I think it was with cross stitch crazy, but I am not 100% sure.

♥ Nia said...

All beautiful!! Congrats on your works :)
And welcome to the group! I hope you'll have fun :D

Mary Joan said...

Welcome Sarah and what beautiful stitching you have done. Thanks for sharing.

M贸nica Silva said...

welcome to the group!

katsoocam said...

Love the little ornaments! Where did you find the charts for those?