January 17, 2014

Form Netherlands to Brazil

Its Christmas time here in Brazil! And I'm soooo happy, because I love christmas!!!

Ok, I know its january, but... who cares? This january turned december now! Lol

Angèle sent me soooo cute things... I loved them all!

Thank you, Angèle!!! Thank you, Nia!!!

Kisses, kisses!



Melly said...

Happy New Year everybody!
From Romania - Melly

♥ Nia said...

Ohh packages may take a little longer to arrive but it's always a delight to receive such wonderful gifts :D Happy Christmas in January :D hehehe

Valma said...

woooow =D
Super Xmas parcel
very beautiful goodies and the stitched piece is really perfect =D
great job =)
indeed, we don't care if we are in January, it's still winter =D
And at the end of the year there will be a Christmas again to enjoy all those goodies =D

Angel said...

Hey, what a surprise!
I see my package finally arrived.
Glad you like it!
It took almost 7 weeks (with priority) too get to you :-( but i am happy it arrived.