September 19, 2013

Update! :)

Blogversary Exchange
I'm happy to say that this week our Blogversary exchange was finally close, with the last parcel arriving to Brazil! Simone got her gift from Amber, it wasn't sent later, mail in Brazil just works pretty bad =/ Once in a while, we are lucky and a package can be delivered quickly but.. often it happens the other way around, takes over one or two months to arrive to our friends!!

I'm missing one photo to post our flashback, Joey never sent me a picture of her parcel so I asked Heather, I'm waiting for a reply to my email and then I will publish the post :)
This is why I always ask for a photo when you post your parcel, so I won't have to write to everyone later...

Halloween Exchange
It's rolling! :D heheheh
Angel was the first one to get her package ready to post!!! It has officially started to cross the globe! :D

For future exchanges
I had a suggestion from Judith, we could add one more thing to our exchange partners info, the age. I think it's a good idea, it helps to know if we are sending gifts to a friend who's 20 or 50, right? It's not about the stitching but all the items in general, it may help a bit to know our partners age, don't you agree? So, I will ask everyone about their age but feel free if you prefer to keep it a secret ;) heheheeh It won't be published here on the blog, just sent by email with your address to your partner :)



Stitching Noni said...

And so we begin :)
Another great exchange about to start!
Happy to send you my age.... Big one coming up for me next year :)

cucki said...

Yayyy my parcel is nearly done :)
Ready to post you my age..
Hugs x

**Ysa** said...

Nice idea! Also we can make a general post and put our tastes there..

Valma said...

good idea =)
I sent you the age I officially have, what is written on the paper =D
But very often I can be between 6 or 14 years old hehehehe =D
that's so great all the parcels from the previous exchange arrived !
woooo it hasn't happened for a while, so super !
can't wait to see all the beauties for this new exchange
Angel...don't forget...we can't post a picture of what we made on our blog before it has arrived hahahaha =D
love you sweetie
big hugs

Angel said...

Omg, you really made me (and my hubby) laugh big time Val!
He said he likes you although he doesnt know you:-)
Still love you too although you are a little witch sometimes.....maybe you did not know Halloween did not started really....only the halloween exchange....i know it is confusing!:-)