September 25, 2013

2013 Blogversary Exchange Flashback

Here is a flashback with all parcels from our last exchange! :)

Valma to Joey

Joey to Heather

Heather to Lentochka

Lentochka to Cucki

Cucki to Amber

Amber to Simone

Simone to Judith

Judith to Angel

Angel to Olli

Olli to Gislene

Gislene to Rita

Rita to Fara

Fara to Noni

Noni to Anne

Anne to Deb

Deb to Valma

Well done ladies! All packages arrived to the destination, everyone did a great job :D Thank you so much for you participation!!



cucki said...

Aww such sweet gifts ❤️❤️❤️

Valma said...

Woooooooooo happy dance
what an exchange !
wonderful stitchings, finishes, goodies....super =)
loads of friendship here
and regarding the last picture... ho my...of course I enjoyed Deb =)
thank you for being you, girls, don't change anything =)
big hugs from France

Stitching Noni said...

Oh wow, didn't we have an amazing exchange yet again, well done girls :)
Great designs stitched and wonderful finishes along with some great exchange gifts :)
Fantastic :)

Heather said...

Oh wow! Great exchange. Wonderful stitched goodies :)


Anne said...

Yay for Everyone!!!! :)

**Ysa** said...

Amazing gifts!! Congrats to everyone!

Fara Azmi said...

yayy!!! Job well done to all.
wonderful packages & gifts all around.

Eve Vokulska said...

beautiful :)
Can I stay here a long time and look at the pictures that ... but it's time for embroidery :)

Angel said...

Yeah, all parcels arrived and they look wonderful!!

simone arrais said...

Wonderful! One parcel is better than other! Very well done, ladies! And congrats Nia: you're amazing!