September 3, 2013

Halloween Exchange - Let's start!

Hello everyone! I know some friends have already started to stitch for our next exchange, it's about time to start our sign up here! :D

As I wrote on a previous post asking for your opinions, we will have a free stitching theme because not everyone can find halloween patterns. Margaret Sherry has designed only a couple! So, you can stitch whatever design you'd like and decide how to finish too, all free for your handmade. Just make something pretty for your friend ;)

What to send:
1 handmade » free stitching and finishing
+4 extra gifts » fabrics, buttons, ribbons, threads, any craft supply! Or you can add stationery like pens, notebooks, anything pretty and cute that will make you partner smile :)
NOTE: free handmade but make sure to add those extra items with an Halloween theme, ok ;)

Sign up until: September 15th
Partners published: September 16th
Posting deadline: October 1st

. Nia
. Valma
. Heather
. Judith
. Noni
. Rita
. Deb
. Angel
. Cucki
. Amber
. Maria Ysabel

For more info about all our exchanges, you can read here.

Have Fun!!! :D


cucki said...

Aww spooky fun :)

**Ysa** said...

Hi Nia! I am new in your blog but I would love to participate in this exchange.. Is that possible?? and where I can made my presentation to the group?

Valma said...

I started my stitching but have to take my turbo needle =D
October the 1st will soon arrive !
can't wait to be part of the fun again

**Ysa** said...

Thanks so much!!