September 17, 2013

Halloween Exchange - Partners :)

Hi everyone!! :D
I've sent an email to everyone with your partners information, please, check your inbox! Also, this time I remembered to add the email from the friend you'll receive too. This way, when you receive your gift, you can write back to say thank you without having to ask me for her email ;) eheheheh I always forgot that :p My apologies =)

Here is the list of partners for this exchange:
1. Heather
2. Val
3. Ysa
4. Noni
5. Judith
6. Amber
7. Nia
8. Angel
9. Cucki
10. Deb
11. Rita

1 sends to 2, 2 sends to 3... 11 sends to 1 ;)
Don't forget to take a photo before sending your parcel, don't post before your partner receives it but send a copy to Let me know your parcel has been sent so I can keep track on our exchange, ok?

Have fun!!! :D



Angel said...

Glad i got my package ready because it could take a while to get to Cucki;-)
I am so curious to see all the parcels (and mine of course :-)!!
Enjoy the fun everybody!

Stitching Noni said...

Package is getting prepared... but will need to send it when I am back from holidays as I have run out of time now to finish everything with a final flourish! Looking forward to sending to Judith ;o)