January 12, 2011

Hello everyone!

And welcome new followers! :)

We have a new author on the blog, Annette, from Netherlands! :D
Annette probably won't be able to post any stitching here for a while, she will be a little busy.. because she's having a baby in a few days!!! :D
Meanwhile, she'll be here following us and getting some inspiration ;)
Welcome Annette! =)

Who would like to join for a SAL here? Stay tuned, more news to come in a few days ;)


Simone Arrais said...

Hello Annete! Welcome! It's wonderful to have other moms around here. =) Kisses!

Annette said...

Thank you so much for you lovely words Nia..
I'm a big fan of MS she make such beautifull pattern.
I'm due in 1 week so very excited here... can't wait to see what the SAL wil be maybe I will join to too, but stitch it a bit slower then the others!!!!
Can't wait to see what you all will be making!!!

Paty said...

Welcome Anette and good luck!

Atelier Caseiro said...

Hi Anette, welcome here!