January 15, 2011

Where is my mind?!

I've been with so many things on my head that I totally forgot to post my 'Stitch in Time' here! :)

Stitch in time

I finished stitching it in the first days of 2011 :)
Next step: pink frame!


Atelier Caseiro said...

I ♥ this work.

Annette said...

What a beautifull piece.
I'm curious how it will look in a pink frame!!

Simone Arrais said...

Did I say how I love this piece? No?? It's gorgeous! You are the best! xoxo

Stitching Noni said...

That is gorgeous, well done!


Macena said...

O, Nia ! I really like your work! Bravo !!!

Joanita said...

Fabulous ♥

Dinny Ristinia said...

Love this!! :-*

♥ Nia said...

Thank you girls!! You make me smile :D

Paty said...

So so so so cute!!!!
I´m dying to do mine!!!
Can you tell me the final size of it in cm, please!?

BalkisMR said...

awwww small cute ♥

♥ Nia said...

Thank you girls! :)

Paty, on 32ct linen: w=15.5cm h=21.5

Dolci Fusa said...

I just love it!

Melly said...

So cute! Lovelly!