January 28, 2011

SAL - update

Needles and threads ready to stitch? :D
We're official starting next Tuesday (1st February)! Have you chose which cat you'll be stitching first?

Let's take a look back and see how this is going:
» stitch one cat per month, from February to April
» each one choose their favorites cats
» everyone is totally free to change colors
» also, totally free to finish as you like
» during each month, please, post your wip

NEW AUTHORS: please, don't forget to read our posting rules, all very simple and easy to follow ;)

Any questions? :)

So far, who is stitching:
* Nia
* Ana (aka Atelier Caseiro)
* Svetlana (aka Светик)
* Noni
* Dinny
* Joanita
* Astrid
* Alda (aka Artemania)
* Rafa
* Luciana
* Paty

Am I missing someone? Please, let me know! :)


Annette said...

Good luck everyone.. can't wait to see your progress!!!

Stitching Noni said...

I have chosen my 3 cats, and I am all ready to start stitching the first one....