January 28, 2011

Christmas Designs

You can never be too early for Christmas!!  I like to start early.  So I thought I would share some of my smaller card designs with you.  I finished the Mouse with a stocking only yesterday.  I changed the stars on the stocking to gold to give it a bit of sparkle.  The last one is one of the Sports and Hobbies designs from Cross Stitcher.

Goose from Quick and Easy Magazine

Robin with Stocking from Quick and Easy Magazine

Hedgehog with star from Quick and Easy Magazine

Mouse with Stocking from Cross Stitcher Magazine

Skating Hedgehog from Cross Stitcher Magazine
You can find me on my blog maryjoanstitching here.

Happy Stitching


Artemania said...

They are fantastic.Christmas is whenever a man wants.

Rafa said...


The Nia did some of those that I remember, and I was drooling ... very cute!


Simone Arrais said...

I really don't know which of these is more beautiful! I would stitch all of them! Congrats!

Gislene Ellery said...

The little mouse is so cute... But the hedgehog with a star is so cute too.... Love all!!!

Stitching Noni said...

They are gorgeous - I love the hedgehogs, and the mouse. It's never too early to start your christmas stitching!


Dinny Ristinia said...

They are very cute.. :)